Anglers Against Cancer

Raising money for cancer...

...whilst we do what we love!

Anglers Against Cancer

We are just pals that have met on the bank and have been brought together through our passion for angling. We’ve now come together to form Anglers Against Cancer, the name says it all really.

Through the sport we love, we can help make a difference and take on this illness which causes so much suffering to its victims and their families.

As a fund raising group, our aim is to raise not only money for various cancer charity’s, but also raise awareness of the symptoms that can be so easily missed in the early stages.

Together as anglers we must stand united against cancer, and through our friendly angling matches we can and will help to make a difference.

So whether you are an angler or not, we welcome you to our website and hope this won’t be a fleeting visit, but you come back again and again to see what we’re up to.

Be lucky!

2021 Linear AAC Event
2016 Orchid Event - Anglers Against Cancer

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